Trondheim Playground 2017

Trondheim Playground
This year’s festival will be held from August 22-26, and there will be events taking place all around the city throughout the week. The unique thing about Trondheim Playground is that the festival is a shared initiative with hundreds of people involved, organizing events for thousands of visitors.
The enthusiasts behind the events all share a drive to inspire young and old to explore the fields of creativity, innovation and technology. Trondheim Playground is the perfect opportunity to visit and dive into the depths of the innovation ecosystem in Norway’s technology capital.To make it all happen, Technoport invites companies and organizations across the private and public sector to host events during Trondheim Playground, and we work hard to put together activities that show the range of what people in the city are working on.
The programme includes workshops, seminars, debates, Pecha Kucha night, hackathons, conferences, concerts, the biggest Maker Faire in Scandinavia and plenty of opportunities to network, connect and exchange experiences and knowledge. The events are free and open to anyone. Just remember that some events require a sign-up due to a limited number of seats. The majority of the events will take place at venues located alongside an innovation axis that can be drawn through Trondheim’s city centre. Stretching from Solsiden, the venue of Maker Faire, via Bakke bru, all the way to Work-Work in Munkegata, the axis contains the offices and event spaces of many of the innovation ecosystem’ important players. Of course, there are others of importance located else where, but if your goal is to partake in as much of the programme as possible, you could start out along that imaginary line. Without the contributors, this festival would not be possible.
For the third year in a row, Trondheim Playground puts innovation, technology and creativity on the agenda to through sharing experiences and knowledge with everyone and anyone who wants to listen. Whether you are a student, an in investor, an aspiring entrepreneur, new to the city or just curious to learn more about what innovators are working on in this beautiful town, the Playground programme will have something to your liking. Invite colleagues along to a breakfast meeting, join your friends for one of the evening events, take your entire family to Maker Faire or go to an event all by yourself to make new acquaintances. See you there!


 Words by: Ona Grinderud Nordbø

 In collaboration with The List / Tech List

Tuesday 22. Aug.
08:00 - 18:00
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