Trondheim Maker Faire

Trondheim Maker Faire
Humans are curious and creative by nature. It's what got us out of the caves in the first place. So, what happened to our abilities to fix things?
Back in the olden days, the so-called 90s, it was still possible to fix a car with a screwdriver and a medium sized wrench. That same screwdriver could even repair the VCR. Now we are lucky if we are even able to open the hood on our car without violating some warranty. No surprise it had to end in a revolt, and it’s probably the most fun revolution in modern history. About ten years ago, in San Francisco, some people had had enough and wanted to celebrate the joy of making, and also repairing things. The result was Maker Faire, a festival celebrating creativity and the joy of making stuff , and probably the most important aspect; showing and telling it to other people, so they also can start making things. Sharing your experience and knowledge is an important thing, not only in the maker movement but in life in general. If cavemen didn’t teach each other to light a fire, and not eat that poisonous toad, we wouldn't have to wait for the next iPhone right now; we would still be eating raw elk and having a bad day tomorrow because of that toad dessert
we shouldn't have had. Trondheim had its first Maker Faire back in 2014, and quickly got attention from global makers for our exotic location and the small, but tightly knit, welcoming community of local makers. Maker Faire is for all kinds of people. The fact it has attracted participants all the way from Japan, and that Melhus Municipality annually books 12 buses to bring excited kids to visit the festival since 2014, confirms the diversity of people.
It doesn't matter if you are building flying robots out of 3D-printed material with high tech, low energy consumption micro-controllers, or if you are forging knives over red hot coals, or knitting the most beautiful scarfs. What matters is that you are making it yourself and that you're improving your skills, and hopefully sharing your skills and ideas with others. So, if you like to make stuff , whether it's robots, knitted hats or stuffed toy cats, join the community of makers in Trondheim and show your makings at Trondheim Maker Faire. Who knows what marvellous things will be shown this year or dreamed up by those attending.

 Words by: Frode Halvorsen

 In collaboration with The List / Tech List

Friday 25. Aug.
08:00 - 18:00
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